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Payment Options

Need more information, please call.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey, I am considered an "out-of-network" provider and a percentage of my fee may be covered by your health

insurance plan.


Contact your insurance company and inquire about "out-of-network" insurance benefits.

We also accept private payments.

Please contact us to discuss our rates.

Benefits of online mental health counseling

  • Easy Access to Therapy-clients may have limited mobility or limited time and cannot travel to the office. Online counseling allows them an easy way to access their therapist and participate in their sessions. All from the comfort of their home or from other places convenient to them.

  • Decreases service interruptions-due to commuting difficulties and other causes, like poor weather, traffic, travel, not feeling well. This option allows clients to continue participating in psychotherapy on a regular basis, even when their schedule changes and it is hard to attend a regular office appointment.

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